The Beginning of a Journey

Surface Pattern Design…. Hmm one of those things I had always loved and admired especially on fabric, but had actually never really defined. I wasn’t even aware that it had a name. I just refereed to it as the ‘Pattern’. Without realizing this was the key that opened up the door to a new world of discovery and surface pattern design. I started to wonder how the pattern was constructed, drawn, and then digitized. What software was used and was it possible for someone with mediocre drawing skills to have a place in this industry?

As time went on I stumbled across sites like Spoonflower and Creative Bug of which I joined. For me it was on Creative Bug that surface pattern design was really defined, especially in regards to fabric. I devoured their classes and wanted more. I now had the key phrase, and as everyone knows ‘Google is your friend’ so I typed in ‘surface pattern design tutorials’ and my world opened up.

The first thing to master was a seamless pattern. Using any simple doodle I began practicing on paper, which is a good exercise in understanding the way a seamless pattern works. By now I  was beginning to realize that the software I was possibly going to need was Adobe Illustrator (AI). Ah… but the price and it was no longer the case of buying a once off hard copy of AI. Not to be daunted I began to learn all I could about Surface Pattern Design in AI by watching tutorials. I  enrolled in Skillshare and  began to learn through Bonnie Christine’s classes on Surface Pattern Design, replaying them over and over still without Adobe illustrator. Finally I was able to borrow a  version  CS6 from my son in law. Elated I dove in. I now had ( all be it borrowed ) Adobe Illustrator and was on my way to my first seamless pattern.

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